Your ACT Theatrical Co. finds a long term home!

After 2 years of "building hopping", Your ACT has secured a long term home.

In October 2017, Your ACT partnered with the Vostrikov Ballet Academy. This partnership will strengthen both companies by being housed under one roof. Under the partnership, Your ACT will provide technical support for their in-house ballets and also administrative help in the Box Office and coordinating many events.

Boyd says "This partnership is going to be a great stepping stone for Your ACT. While we have been blessed that the community has opened its doors to us, performing in restaurants, cafeterias, museums and art galleries has been a challenge in itself. We are excited to be housed in a beautiful 300 seat theatre. This will not only expand the range of shows we can produce, it will also allow us to increase our production quality."

(Pictured above) Your ACT's first event in the 300 Seat Vostrikov Theatre.

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